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The Moshe Green Beit Midrash for Women's Leadership

 The Moshe Green Beit Midrash for Women's Leadership at Beit Morasha’s Robert M. Beren College provides women with a unique opportunity to advance to the highest levels of Talmudic study in an open, academic environment. Conducted in parallel to the Interdisciplinary Beit Midrash for Men, this program is designed for women who seek to engage in intensive Talmud study that is harmoniously combined with interdisciplinary academic scholarship.

Each year of study in this Beit Midrash is devoted to proficiency in a complete tractate of Talmud. While wrestling with the traditional texts, students engage in ongoing dialogue with ethical principles that emerge from the texts studied and the application of those values to contemporary concerns. While studying the tractate Baba Kama, for example, students may focus on the relationship between the individual and society, while their study of Yevamot may focus on questions of personal status.

Ms. Michal Tikochinsky, head of the Beit Midrash for Women, guides pairs of students through their independent Talmudic explorations, drawing on her background as a lawyer and her vast knowledge of halakha to provide necessary context. Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes, Head of the Beit Midrash Programs of Beren College, presents the central Talmud lectures that are at the heart of this program, while Rabbi Dr. Benjamin (Benny) Lau teaches courses in Talmud and Jewish Law.

Conducted at two week intervals, interdisciplinary seminars bring together the students from Beren College's parallel Beit Midrash programs for men and women and introduce them to content from a variety of academic disciplines relevant to their studies. These seminars provide participants with additional opportunities to explore the contemporary relevance of the concepts encountered in the traditional texts. Academic courses, lectures, seminars, and workshops round out the course of study, challenging students intellectually and spiritually and broadening their understanding of Jewish law and life in today’s society.

As part of this Beit Midrash, a special halakha track enables a select group of exceptional women Torah scholars to study the same material studied in the rabbinical ordination track of the Interdisciplinary Beit Midrash for men. This program is attended by many women who are already certified as to-anot beit din (rabbinic court advocates) and yoatzot halakha (halakhic advisors for the laws of ritual purity). Study in this track combines rigorous textual study with guest lectures and workshops on the practical application of halakha and culminates with an individual research project prepared by each participant.