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Beit Morasha of Jerusalem: Meeting the Modern World with Jewish Values

Beit Morasha of Jerusalem: The Center for Advanced Judaic Studies and Leadership
is devoted to advancing a vibrant and inclusive vision of Judaism, through cultivating inspired and dynamic Jewish leadership for the State of Israel and the Jewish world.


Beit Morasha's intellectual endeavors inform all our activities, and are personified in the inspiring careers of our graduates.Since its founding in 1990, Over 85% of Beren College graduates have assumed positions of leadership as program directors, educators, rabbis and policy makers in Israel and all over the world.  Identity and Purpose, our IDF Jewish values project, has reached over 200,000 IDF officers and soldiers to date, deepening their knowledge of Jewish ethics and values, challenging their assumptions and revitalizing their Jewish experience. Its resounding success has engendered the establishment of a distinct Jewish Identity Department in the IDF that also includes the IDF conversion program, Nativ. , and has engendered the establishment of a similar partnership with the Civilian National Service Organization (Sherut Leumi), and a fruitful collaboration with the Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), in creating Jewish Identity Programs for Russian Speaking Jews.

The newly established Edward I Koch Center for Public Policy and Jewish Ethics encompasses all of Beit Morasha's programs and institutes for the development of a just public policy and its programs that work to instill Jewish ethics and values in Israel and the Jewish world, while Conferences, events and Beit Morasha Press publications offer a discerning public challenging analyses of vital issues in Jewish thought and culture.


With the establishment of the Israel Institute for Conversion Policy at Beit Morasha and the appointment of Professor Ish-Shalom as Chairman of the Ministry of Education Committee for Jewish Heritage Education, Beit Morasha's ethical and erudite voice echoes both in Knesset corridors and in classrooms across the country.


The International School for Jewish Leadership (in formation) will transform the quality and nature of Jewish leadership enhancement in Israel and the Jewish world. Beit Morasha is truly transforming how Israelis and modern Jews view themselves and their heritage.


The great challenge that the State of Israel faces today is the formation of its character as a Jewish-Democratic State - the State of the Jewish People. Through academic training, Batei Midrash, leadership enhancement, and extensive educational projects in the IDF and in the educational system, Beit Morasha is responding wholeheartedly to the challenge.